The Party of the European Left condemns the coup against President Dilma Rousseff

The Party of the European Left (EL) condemns the decision by the Brazilian Senate to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. This dismissal is the latest attempt to give legitimacy to the coup d’état which has been set up for months, true crime against democracy committed by the most corrupt sectors of Brazilian politics.

No evidence has ever been provided proving the veracity of misconduct alleged against President Dilma Rousseff.  It is well known at the moment  that 15 out the 23 ministers of the Provisional Government and the usurper President Temer Golpista have being accused of corruption and other crimes. Two thirds of deputies and senators in office, the same who decided the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff, are in the same situation.

The coup puts Brazil in the hands of the financial sector and large economic groups who would not accept their defeat in the last election that gave victory to the candidate of the left forces Dilma Rousseff. These reactionary forces are doing everything to bring Brazil to the dark time of authoritarianism and to impose impunity for their crimes.

The Party of the European Left condemns this coup and expresses its complete solidarity with President Dilma Rousseff and with the left forces that mobilize and work to create a new democratic alternative for Brazil.

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