Today infamy and coup plotting have hurt democracy and …

Today the country’s most reactionary forces won the first battle to oust President Dilma Rousseff by approving – under the command of defendant Eduardo Cunha and the promises of the vice conspirator – the admissibility of the impeachment request in the Chamber of Deputies.
The coup plotters violated the sovereignty of the polls to impose their conservative restoration program, with attacks against the rights of workers, cuts in social programs, privatization of Petrobrás, wage crunches, crackdowns on the social movements, and the handing over of the national riches.
By breaking with the constitutional rule, the old oligarchies conspired to take power by assault and forge an illegitimate government marked by arbitrary decision-making.
This adventure can still be stopped by the Federal Senate, where the next and decisive battle will be waged in favor of the 2014 electoral result.
The Workers Party calls all men and women committed to democracy to keep mobilized and occupy the streets against the impeachment fraud.
Our mission is to defend the Constitution against the alliance of the barons of corruption with the media and the plutocracy, who are trying to seize it.
The democratic people’s mobilization – whose continuity we support and will reinforce – is the only possible response to the coup being plotted in the shadows of the State and in the hideouts of the wealthy elites.
We will not allow democracy, which was won by the struggle and with the lives of so many patriots, to be destroyed by the hatred of those who have always fought against the leading role and the emancipation of the Brazilian people.

Rui Falcão

National President

Workers Party