Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. (Representative)
Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. (Senator)
We, ( political party ), are addressing to you to make public our solidarity and support to the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Ms. Dilma Rousseff, in face of the decision by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Representative Eduardo Cunha, to accept a request for impeachment that, in our view, is devoid of any legal basis.
We support her statement on “the inconsistency and unfoundedness” of the reasons underpinning the request for impeachment. We know, from her history and her attitudes at the head of the administration, that she has never allowed any public money to be misappropriated. Moreover, it is widely known that President Dilma Rousseff does not hold any bank account abroad or has ever concealed the existence of any personal assets. Above all, her present role is witness to her high principles, her commitment to the laws, public affairs, and democracy.
Lastly, we reaffirm our trust in the Brazilian people, who will not allow the young Brazilian democracy to be shaken, in her words, “by indefensible conveniences and interests”, which would also set a serious precedent for all of Latin America and the Caribbean.
President and/or General Secretary and/or International Relations