Pan Africanists and Socialists in Barbados at the Solidarity Press Conference on Friday  28th September 2012 at 11:00 am at the Israel Lovell Foundation condemn the local media in Barbados for boycotting its Solidarity Press Conference that was organize for Barbados progressive forces to offer solidarity and support with the Government and People of Venezuela. The Barbadian Media Departments boycotted and refuse to attend or Solidarity Press Conference. The local media did not informed  our Movements about any reasons to why they could not attend our Solidarity Press Conference. Our Movement was informed that outside forces that want to destabilize Venezuela after the General Election on Sunday 7th October 2012 force the local media to boycott our Solidarity Press Conference. Our Movement was also informed that the  International Media in the USA is planing a propaganda project to destabilize Venezuela and discredit the General Election in Venezuela.
President Jimmy Carter said recently in a speech at the headquarters of the Atlanta-base organization in a live series broadcast online called “Conversation at the Carter Centre”  to mark the 30th anniversary that monitored 92 election in the world, “that the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world”, according to an article in the
At the Solidarity Press Conference Mr. David Comissiong, President of the Peoples Empowerment Party and the Clement Payne Movement, Mr. Trevor  Presscod, President of the Israel Lovell Foundation, Mr. David Denny, General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, Hon Hamilton Lashley MP and other progressive forces in Barbados signed the Barbados Declaration of Solidarity and Support for President Hugo Chavez.
Please see the attached Photo and Declaration.
For further information please call David Denny at  246 237 9988 or  246 624 0079.
David Denny
General Secretary
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