The Action Plan Committee of the African Movement of Friendship and Solidarity with Cuba bring fraternal greetings to this historic of the global leadership of humanity represented at this 30th Anniversary of the Sao Paulo Forum by President Miguel Diaz-Canel of Cuba and the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro holding right now.

We salute their consistent and frontline leadership role of the rest of the global world who cherish peaceful coexistent and respect for the sovereign rights of all nations!

We commend the meeting of today, which is taking its ideological guidance and direction from the principles and unapologetic stand in defence of humanity, as articulated by Commandante Fidel Castro and former President Lula of Brazil at its foundation 30years ago!

For the African Movement, we are inspired by the commitment of the Cuban revolution and the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela to the defence of African interests and solidarity and their unqualified support to liberation struggle in most parts of Africa and development of human potentials across the Pan-African world!

As we wish a successful outcome of this meeting, we are every ready as DUTY to identify and implement the resolutions agreed by this meeting in furtherance of deepening Solidarity between Africa, Latin America and Caribbean and the defence of the ideas of Socialism for a better world order!

To us in the African Movement, the time has come to revive the Tri-Continental initiative to combat imperialism as a united force!

Long live the Cuban revolution!
Long live the Bolivarian revolution!
Long live the Sau Paulo Forum
Hasta le Victoria Siempre!!!!!

Comrade Abiodun Aremu
for the Action Plan Committee