December 14, 2015
Monica Valente
International Relations Secretary
Workers’ Party

MSJ Rejects Call for Impeachment of President Dilma

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) joins with the PT and other progressive forces in Brazil and across Latin America and the Caribbean in condemning the recent call by Brazil’s House Speaker, Eduardo Cunha for President Dilma Rouseff to be impeached. We concur with the prevailing view that Cunha’s call for impeachment is unfounded.
We note that this call came on the heels of an investigation into Cunha’s own actions. Therefore the motive behind his call for President Rouseff’s impeachment can be viewed as questionable. Furthermore, the allegations against President Rouseff have been shown to be unfounded. President Dilma is undeniably the democratically elected President of Brazil and must fulfill her mandate and continue the programme of work initiated by her predecessor President Lula. Cunha and the right-wing elements in Brazil must not be allowed to carry out a constitutional coup d’état against President Dilma.
Dilma’s removal would not only be negative for Brazil, but also for the wider region of Latin America as it would symbolize a further roll back of the victories secured across the continent in the past fifteen plus years. In the recent past we have seen right-wing forces obtain electoral victories in Argentina and in Venezuela. Progressive movements across the region must unite to stave off further victories by these forces and protect the many improvements which have been secured for our people in the past few years. We reiterate our support for President Dilma and the PT in the face of this call for impeachment.
In solidarity,
David Abdulah
Political Leader