Aggression against Lula is to accelerate coup against d …

Former President Lula respected in Brazil and worldwide was taken arbitrarily to give evidence in the Federal Police. It is an unacceptable aggression not only against Lula, but also to democracy itself, in order calculated to accelerate the march coup aimed to deposing President Dilma Rousseff.
It is time to mobilize, fight and waking all democrats, all the forces of the people and workers. It is time to indignation, making position in defense of democracy and the former president Lula, greatest leader and Statesman of contemporary Brazil, as is said by the people in repeated polls.
Lula Institute was also the target of this assault, which responded with a public statement that rejects with solid arguments all the false accusations against the former president.
This arbitrariness, this injustice against Lula, is coming from Operation Lava Jato during months, affronts the democratic legality and embarks on a hunt for the former president. There is no reason for Lula be taken by force by the PF, since he has provided clarification every time the authorities have asked him to. D and spectacular actions inflames society and do not contribute to seeking justice and truth prevail.
It is wide open with this episode and many others that Operation Lava Jato in collusion with the big media turned into a kind of parallel power sectors formed by the Federal Police, the Judiciary and the Public Ministry. Parallel power that gradually loomed imposing methods and practices typical of a regime clearly directed to discredit the government, investigate and criminalize only the forces that support it, notably PT (Workers’ Party) and the left ally.
This attack Lula comes from strength and hope that the former president is. The fact that the former president to remain – as research indicates intention to vote – competitive for the 2018 presidential elections is what explains the political violence that does not cease against him.
The truth is only one: the neoliberal right is afraid of losing the election in 2018 to Lula, this is the real reason the hunt undertaken by Operation Lava Jato against him.
This provocative act of Lava Jato is also a ploy of fraudsters. If there is no reaction to the point, surely they will accelerate the consummation of the coup.
In this decisive hour, the PCdoB addresses all democratic forces of the nation, to all the progressive and popular forces that, despite differences, unite in mobilization, struggle and vigil in defense of democracy, the democratic rule of law.
PCdoB calls its members to engage in this journey decisive for the interests of the people and the nation. As from today we must, in all municipalities, the streets, in several demonstrations increasingly broad, together with other progressive forces, entering into the defense of democracy, repudiate the arbitrariness that trample the democratic rule of law.
Democracy will win the coup!
All support for the former president Lula!
São Paulo, March 4th, 2016
The National Political Commission of the Communist Party of Brazil – PCdoB