Additional Information

La Paz-Bolivia
25-29 August 2014

1. Local transportation
1.1. Transportation will be provided to participants from the airport to the hotels according to the route already sent.
Transportation will also be provided from the hotels to the venue where activities are to be held.
1.2. Transportation along the previously informed routes will be available during the 20th Meeting.
If dates are distant from Meeting dates and/or depending on number of people, some coordination will be required.
2. Accreditation
2.1. Accreditation will take place at the venue of the 20th Meeting: Campo Ferial Chuquiagomarka (see below).
2.2. Registration types are: delegate, guest, observer (for delegates from Bolivia who are not representatives of member parties), and press.
3. Payment of fee
3.1. São Paulo Forum member organizations and individual participants are to pay a fee at the moment of accreditation.
3.2. Amounts
– member parties have to pay US$ 250 (two hundred and fifty US dollars), relative to the 2014 fee. However, for those parties who can afford to, we suggest they contribute with a further US$ 250, relative to the 19th Meeting fee, which was not charged in 2013.
– US$ 50 (fifty US dollars) for each individual participant.
4. For the Working Group
The host party will pay for accommodation, food, and local transportation costs for 32 people, two people for every Working Group member country.
It is up to the national delegation to decide who those two people per country are and to inform them of the following addresses:
5. For other participants
5.1. All other participants (except the 32 members referred to in the previous item) must book their own hotels and pay for their costs.
5.2. A list will be provided with all the hotels in the vicinity of the activity venue and all the information necessary for hotel booking.
5.3. We ask you to confirm your participation and inform your hotel reservations to the following addresses:
6. Activity venues
All activities will be concentrated at the Campo Ferial de Chuquiagomarka.
Maps will be provided with the location of every activity plus a program with all the details.
7. Bilateral Meetings
We ask all parties and organizations interested in holding bilateral meetings with the Forum to send a formal request to
8. Languages in the Meeting
The official language of the Meeting shall be Spanish.
9. Lunch
Lunch will be served to all participants (delegates, guests, and press) at the same venue, the Campo Ferial de Chuquiagomarka, where there will be places to such end.
10. Press
The guests kindly ask all participants to confirm the presence of representatives of the international press.